Beastmaster Summon Scorpion - No Benefit For Ironclad Node - Why Is Get Over Here Node Behind The Frost Nodes? - Sweet Release Node? Nah

I’m mainly giving feedback on a few skill nodes on the Beastmaster’s Summon Scorpion skill.

Starting with the Ironclad here’s what it does:


Your Scorpion deals additional melee physical damage, but can no longer poison enemies.

Melee Physical Damage: +15
Scorpion Cannot Poison

While this node seems okay on its own it’s that there is no node tree to really synergize with it such as a crit and/or other physical damage tree. There’s a frost or lightning tree if you want to go that route but nothing that helps with physical damage.

Then there’s the Get Over Here node which is locked behind the frost skill nodes.

Get Over Here

Your scorpion now has the ability to pull an enemy that is out of range into melee range every 8 seconds.

It’s basically a node that any of the builds might like but for some reason is locked behind the frost nodes for no apparent reason.

I won’t even get much into the fact that there’s no ability cooldown nodes either since your Scorpion can also be specced to fire Ice Thorns as well.

Then there’s Sweet Release.

Sweet Release

Activating your Scorpion’s ability summons additional Baby Scorpions
+1 per point
Note: This can only be up to your maximum number of Baby Scorpions (which is three)

Basically the node is completely useless. If say it summoned temporary ones then ya it would be fine but you’ll never find a reason to take the node in its current state where it’s pretty much useless.

I’m sure there’s more I could find but those are the things that really stuck out to me while playing with the Scorpion skill and looking at its different skill nodes.

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