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Beastmaster Partner node

The partner node reads “You deal 10% increased damage per allocated point if you control exactly one minion. Your minions gain 5% increased damage per allocated point. (0/6)”.

Should “exactly one minion” read “exactly one companion” instead, or will using a totem and a companion prevent the self damage increase from working? And if I’m using the Primal Serpent nodes on Serpent Strike and they summon a serpent will that prevent those nodes form working? The latter I assume does prevent it; the former seems very limiting.

Im pretty sure it means companion. You can test it by looking at your damage stats on your character sheet © while you have a totem and when it dies :slight_smile:

Since theres another node that says “companion” id guess its just a typo.

Thanks for the quick reply; I assumed it did. It’ll be a couple days 'til my beastmaster is high enough to test it myself and I’m not that patient :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just tested and holy shit, it counts totems.
Which means the talent is really weird. Id say steer clear from it.

Yeah, there’s no way that node is worth giving up 1 or more companions and all totems. Thanks for testing it for me.

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Well I guess it for a melee warrior primalist who only uses one companion and no totems at all
but it weird that it in beastmaster. I feel that it should be in the druid tree with the one companion node = extra protection node.

That seems like the idea, but what are you going to run for 5 skills then?

Leap, Serpent/Slice (edit: every time I type Slice I meant Swipe), Companion, Flanking Strike seem to be given. Unless you use both Serpent Strike and Slice the only other strength skill is Frenzy Totem unless I’m missing something. I am going to try it now using both the attacks and using the poison debuff nodes of Slice to supplement Serpent Strike but I just don’t see how that can be better than Frenzy Totem once it has a tree.

If you’re not scaling attunement it seems unlikely one of the healing spells is going to be better than Frenzy totem and just buffing your health on hit/life leech.

edit 2: I missed Werebear. It’s low enough in the druid tree that theoretically you could take that as well. It seems an odd fit but I haven’t tried it yet so I guess I won’t dismiss the idea yet.

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