Beastmaster minion questions

Some questions if anyone knows the answer?

  1. Is there some way to view minion health? Like if I take a passive that grants 75% more companion health how can I even tell if it actually did anything? If I mouse over a companion I get a health bar but no numerical value.

  2. Related to #1 are passives and affixes that affect minions also applied to the baby scorpions from the summon scorpion tree or the bees that get summoned from the keeper’s gloves and similar items? The tooltip for the baby scorpions mentions stats that affect damage are applied but not sure if it’s everything.

  3. What is the difference between a minion and a companion?

  4. The main passives I’m curious about are Artor’s Loyalty and Natural Bond. They significantly increase health and damage but limit you to a single companion. I already tested that I can still have the baby scorpions and the bees still spawn from the gloves but I’m not sure if the passive buffs are also applied to those minions as well.

All companions are ninions, not all minions are companions. Companions are specific to Primalist and can be res’d when they go down. All other minions die and need to be resummoned. Companions also get a special active skill on your skill bar after they’ve been summoned.

The bees and baby scorps are minions not companions so only get affected by minion stats not companion stats.

Bees, yes, baby scorps, not so sure since they are the mama scorp’s minions not yours (& I’ve never really used them).

No, but tbh, they’ll take longer to die.

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yeah there’s tons of stats you just can’t see which is kinda annoying. Like how much leech do my minions have? who knows. If the stats aren’t going to be shown in game a tool like Path of Building from POE is gonna need to be used.

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They will/should be when the devs get around to reworking the character screen (delayed by mp).

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