[Beastmaster] Dragonslayer,+Circle of Life | Flurry Strikes+Ambush

Maybe a bit of semantics here but want to post to report if tooltips need to be updated, bugs reported, or me being told I’m wrong. :slight_smile:

Dragonslayer, Circle of Life - it does not proc on spell hits from maelstrom. The tooltip states “when you hit” and it’s my understanding that should be melee or spell.

Flurry strikes (sabertooth ability) has melee tag but doesn’t proc any of the aspects that trigger off melee attacks.



Skills that deal damage over time, such as Maelstrom, do not count as hits. A hit deals all the damage at once, whereas damage over time repeatedly deals damage.

Flurry Strikes is working as intended there because while you’re issuing the command, your Sabertooth is the one attacking, not you.


Thanks for the response. That clears it up.

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