Beastmaster Bee Build: it's not a meme xD

I thought this build was a meme but…no, it’s not.
Its a really fun build :rofl:

Not mine build


I made a different version, one that uses melee attacks (for your character) to generate more bees.

Hornate Idol with Bees…do they exist or are they an urban legend? :rofl:


FYI, I converted my old Squirrels build to the one in the OP - its much better than the one I made.

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Pics or it didn’t happen

The build is so tanky, I fell asleep for a few seconds playing it, and was at 100% health when I opened my eyes - surrounded by about 20 monsters.

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I facetank anything, I have 10 wolves and 10 crazy bees that kill everything with only 1500 hp.
I use just thornshield and easy-ZzZzZz-peasy.
if I could find damned idols I would be even happier :rofl: