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Beast Master issues

Is anyone else having the same issues I’m having with my beast master? I built him to have a total of 1 scorpion, 1 raptor, 1 bear, and 3 wolves. I have all the appropriate gear to set it up, and an idol that also spawns up to 5 bees. For some reason, it no longer will let me summon all of my pets, summoning another replaces it, and the wolves won’t even appear. If anyone has any suggestions, or can point me to the right person to talk to, it would be greatly appreciated.
As of August 21st, this issue has been resolved. Thanks to everyone who replied.

Do you want to import your build into the planner? Beastmasters are limited to a certain number of companions, but gear and passives can increase/decrease the number.

I recommend joining the discord. you’ll see a link in your account profile. There is a beastmaster channel where you might have more luck getting good answer. the forum is fine and all, but it seems like you’ll want a conversation better than what a forum provides.

Can you have only one companion?

I think there are only 3 things that can do that. Eitehr one of two passives from the BM passive tree: Artor’s Loyalty or Natural Bond or the 1-Set-Piece Bonus from Boardman’s Set.

In case you meant, that you cna only summon 1 wolves plus other companions: Having multiple wolves is nota baselien functionality and needs to be either specced in the wolves tree or you need to use one of two unique Amulets (The Fang or The Claw)