Bear vs Raptor

Simple question for anyone that knows. Can anyone explain why you would use a Raptor over a Bear? I must be missing something but if I look at the tooltips it looks like the damage is the same but the bear gets more health. What is the point of the Raptor pet?

Bleed, I believe?

The generic descriptions at the top of the tooltips are the same. The scaling tags are the same. The mana cost and cooldowns are the same. The minion tags are the same. The only difference between them is the base health and health scaling is higher on the bear. No mention of bleed anywhere. Unless I’m missing something? I don’t get it.

Yes, you’re missing the nodes on the skill tree.

Bear has 3 bleed nodes:

  • Lacerating Claws (% damage & bleed chance)
  • Wounded Prey (% damage per bleed on the target)
  • Tearing Thorns (% bleed chance for thorns)

Raptor has 7…

  • Earsplitting Roar (bleed stacks on screech)
  • Tear Flesh (bleed chance)
  • Scent of Blood (damage v bleeding targets)
  • Ravage (more crit chance & more crit multi v bleeding targets)
  • Dripping Blood (chance to double bleed speed on hit)
  • Infected Wounds (slow chance per bleed)
  • Plus Sharp Claws (% DoT)
    And the companion ability that Raptor gets increases its attack speed & damage both of which both favour DoT builds. the Bear’s Roar taunts.

Raptor is a DPS minion, Bear is a tank.

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Yeah I was only looking at the base skill not the nodes but I guess it doesn’t make sense to do that. I was only using these temporarily as I was leveling so wasn’t putting points into the nodes which is why I wasn’t comparing the actual nodes…just the base skill. Regardless, thanks for the info.

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