Be warned: Offline cycle characters might get deleted after logging out

I have already made a post in the technical issues forum, but want to warn others, because they might be affected too:
I´ve made multiple offline cycle characters and none of them get saved after logging out. They are just gone everytime I leave the game. The problem does not occur online (so far).
Does anyone else experience the same issue?

Edit: I’ve never had this issue before in any patch.


I am experiencing the same.

All created chars (online or offline, cycle or legacy) are not saved. I can login and play, but after exiting the game, the chars are gone. I know the different login tabs. Please have a look into it.

/Edit: 350 hrs into the game. Never had this problem before 1.1 patch

/Edit 2: I could now create a hardcore cycle online char. Further tries to create other chars did not work.

Yep. Same for my offline characters as well. Log out = character gone. I can’t even get into the online game so can’t test that. Oh well. Not playing LE I guess.

Same problem. Played last night, had fun, now character gone. This is a seriously major bug!!

the save file appears to be right there in the folder
this is an extreme problem, my character was all geared with legendaries high LP leveling uniques farmed after 1100 hours, of losing everything I just gonna cheat the hell of the game from now on and forever

Serious bug and EHG is silent. Pretty disappointing.

on checking the files, the last modified time shows time of creation instead of logging out time, so it looks like we are really losing the entire gear and idols, thanks devs

I thought i have that too because when i was going offline and next day i came back on and i get a pop up to create an cycle character so i was like wtf if u just go back your char is there and not deleted.

Happened here also. :frowning:

Not correct. At least not for me. I have tested this numerous times. I can create a character and play until I zone into the 2nd area. Log out to character select and there is no character listed on the character select screen. This is repeatable 100% of the time for me.

after last patch the problem persist, 100% impossible to play a new character

Woah, I have not ran into this yet… but this is scary. I personally enjoy offline play more than online and would be upset losing progress as well. Hope that they look into this. Sorry that this has happened to people :cry:

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Hello, So I updated LE yesterday to 1.1.1 now going back to play it, my characters’ damage per second are so low that Im dying alot. especially in arena. l looked at my weapons and gears and i found nothing wrong with it. Ugh!

Y’all, I had the same issue and I JUST found a solution for it! So in the folder where your saves are stored (C:\Users<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Saves by default) and I created a new folder there for my old characters from before the cycle started (Quite literally named it Old Characters) and once I moved all of my previous characters to that folder, I was finally able to save my characters on log out. I figured it out by looking at player.log and noticing a couple interesting errors.

“Warning: Only one data store may be registered for the combination of ‘file’, ‘LE.Data.CharacterData’, and ‘offline’”
“System.InvalidOperationException: ServerCycle cannot be changed once set (current value: ‘Octo’)”
“NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

Made me think maybe it was a conflicting file error, like maybe trying to overwrite the previous stash file with the same name and being denied access to do so or something? Idk, I’m not that smart tbh, but I hope this helps someone else. <3


this, your new character will be named 1CHARACTERSLOT_BETA_0 in the files, change your old character with that name to an unused number and get them back into the saves folder

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Thanks for the headsup

Before I edit my save files. There are two files:


Do I have to rename both files to for example:


Is that right? Thank you so much for your response guys!

I didn’t even rename them, just moved them to a new folder. Both files are meant to exist though. If you want to change the number, then yeah, do it on both. It should change the .bak file as well when renaming the other file associated with it, but if not, just update it yourself. You just gotta change the number.

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Thanks mate! Unfortunately this didnt work for me. Created offline cycle characters are still not being saved :smiling_face_with_tear: