Bazaar or Observatory?

So what is everyones choice?

I’ve been solo playing for so long, but I want to be more active and thought Bazaar, but how good is it? are there even people their, or is everyone in observatory for themselves?

Circle of Fortune baby. All the way and forever. Until maybe next cycle just to try out Merchants guild. But for now, Circle of Fortune loyalist.

i picked SAF so it’s a no brainer heh. CoF

it’s weird that it even offers the auction house faction to the SSFmodes-enjoyers.
feels half baked.

I find it hilarious that let you pick MG in SAF. If someone is dumb enough to pick it up in SAF, they deserve their lack of faction.

anyone wanna fill me in on the acronyms lol
what is SAF basically.

MG → Merchant Guild
SAF → Solo Account Found

oooh thank you

wait in SAF can you use the Merchant Guild at all? like can you still buy and sell from/to it?

and to those who chose CoF, why did you choose this over MG???

In SAF you cannot interact with MG outside of just going to the Bazaar and walking around. You cannot trade with people. That’s why it’d be a spectacularly dumb decision to choose MG in SAF, and why OP had noted it as weird.