Battle Trance not supplying dodge when Shadow Cascade gets triggered off Shift

Skill tree screenshots:

Description: For whatever reason, Battle Trance does not provide any dodge when using Shadow Cascade at the end of a Shift via the Dancing Shadows node. The wording of Shadow Trance is a bit different than other nodes however, namely in that it specifies “while using”, however the Fight in the Shadows node of Shadow Cascade also includes similar wording (“gain mana on use”) and does appear to refund mana when triggering SC through Shift.

If this is working as intended, I’d recommend adjusting the tooltip to make it clear that this will not work when triggering Shadow Cascade through another skill.

Oh yes. I meant to adjust this node to mention that you only gain dodge on a “direct use” of Shadow Cascade therefore it would not work if the ability was automatically triggered by another ability. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Thanks for confirming!

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