Battle Standard or Javelin not casting with Pilum Assault

When I lunge at something, neither a Javelin or the Battle Standard is being cast.

Any ideas why? Relevant Screenshots are below.

Lunge Tree

Javelin Tree

Hi mate! I just want to make sure that you are using a spear!

The Javelin and Lunge skills can be cast with just about any weapons.

BUT, the Lunge’s passive Pilum Assault requires you, for some reason, to be wielding a spear in order for it to trigger.

If you are wielding a spear, then I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Good luck!

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OH! I had no idea, I’m using a mace, will try out a spear and get back to you.

Works with a spear, what a strange mechanic!

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Glad to hear it! Enjoy :slight_smile:

“For some reason” is because a javelin is a spear. (So is a pilum.) It makes sense thematically that if you want your lunge to activate your javelin ability you’d have to be using something that looks like a javelin.