Base Affix Ranges

So something ive noticed is that if you hold CTRL+ALT it will show the Affix Ranges on your Prefixes and Suffixes which is great btw absolutely love that. Took POE years to add this to their game so it was quite refreshing to see this in LE.

I’ve also noticed that a lot of the Base Items also have ranges that can roll on them however they do not show when using CTRL+ALT which seems a little odd. This makes it where i have to resort to places like the Wiki to check roll ranges. Which i honestly hate using wiki for anything because ive simply found too much misinformation and mistakes in MANY games. Including this one already…

Especially with this game still undergoing many changes it makes this issue even worse. POE is the same way and this creates a lot of mistakes and outdated information. So just a suggestion to make it so the roll ranges on Base Items can also be seen would be great. Not a huge deal but certainly a QOL that would be very helpful. Thanks \m/

The ranges for implicit values will be visible in 0.7.5-- there was a technical limitation when the system was first implemented for affixes which we’ve resolved. Thanks for the feedback!


Nice! I figured there was a reason since all the other affixes were showing up but, not base rolls. Good stuff. Thanks for the reply! \m/

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