Barrage of pain crit chance?

Would the crit chance from barrage of pain and perfect aim be only for bow attacks or is it a global buff?

Usually when it is global it is written in the description.
I can’t be sure though, I’m not very used to Rogue.

I found this to be the opposite for crit chance as things like relics will not says “crit chance for bows, crit chance for melee, ect” usually they just says “crit chance”

Shtrak is talking about modifiers provided by skills. They are generally not global as long as they don’t say so.

For stats from gear it is really the other way around. In general they are affecting everything and only a subset if they are specific.

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Oh yes, was I confusing a skill and a weapon? Sorry!

The Barrage of Pain crit chance can only be obtained while using a bow skill however it states that it’s increased crit chance so it’s global crit chance just like the Marksman’s mastery passive is global attack speed.

Perfect thank you for letting me know, thats what I was hoping for.

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