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Banter from enemies, love it, please add MOAR

DIE HUMAN, THE HUNT, THE FEAST, and NEW SNAKE BOIS >> endlessly entertaining

If I were you, I’d latch onto this and expand the BANTER in fights, I think it adds a lot of personalty to the mobs including bigboys when defeated.

Love it, it adds a level of personality to the mobs/bosses and is just freaking FUN.
Please sir, can we have more?


See, I’m the opposite. I am so DONE with those screams after like 2 packs of mobs. Maybe only have the mob scream something if they get 1 shot by a Crit? That would keep the flavor but reduce the spam… :slight_smile:


i like the banter lines gut the grunts when hit need a global cd because if you are hitting a pack of nagasa at the same time it becomes too much.

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I want to even be able to taunt enemies myself. Give me voice lines I can trigger!! :rofl::rofl:

There’s a joke in there about you, Trikster & Heavy I’m just not sure where…

At least, the above is how I read it. Even if I did miss a key word.

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Yes, this is the annoying part of playing a melee char that is tanking a pack. Grunts should be from greater than “X”% of the total health with a 4 second CD.