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Bankaikillers Ward Bone Nova Golem build patch 0.8.2

So here is an updated bone nova golem build with a high ward twist, using the new Volatile zombie skill introduced to us this patch.

I’m going to keep it simple.

Marrow Shards

We use marrow shards to hit our golem to proc it's bone nova ability, gain mana back, and apply on hit effects, like fraility, and slow to multiple enemies thanks to marrow shards ability to pierce through allies, and enemies.

Volatile Zombies

We use Volatile zombies to gain lots of ward, apply fear, and additional armor shred thanks to necro's passive *Aegisfall*

dread shade, Bone Curse

We use Dread shade, and Bone curse to steroid boost bone golems bone nova damage. using dread shade on our bone golem,, and bone curse on enemies. We usually just take dread shade, and instead of bone curse, we run an un-specced transplant for faster mobility in monolith, as having bone curse on anything but a boss, is over kill for damage, so we swap from transplant, and bone curse during boss encounters.

Below is a build planner to the min max defensive setup of the build.

The uniques we are using is Exanguinus, last steps of the living, and strain of souls for maximum value of ward gain.
The rest of our stats on gear, and idols is focused into cast speed, , minion health, ward retention, intelligence, and health.

Cast speed

= gives us the ability to spam marrow shards, and volatile zombies, increase the bona nova proc rate of bona nova retaliation attacks from bone golem, and apply our on hit ailment effects faster.

Ward retention

= keeps our ward up.


= keeps our ward up, and gives our bone golem increased damage.

Minion health

= gives us more ward gain on volatile zombie explosions, which is based on a percentage of their maximum health.


= gives us more ward from the unique effect of exangiunus, and last steps of the living.

Good build, I liked it very much, thank you.

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