Balance of Timeline Exclusive Echo Rewards

You can target farm a Bow and Quiver in the Fall of the Outcast, a Sword and Shield in the Reign of Dragons + Black Sun Timelines. It is not a problem to go to two different timelines.

Farming a Sword and shield is extremely diluted by having Daggers, Spears, Helmets, Two Handed Swords, all Axes and all Maces in its pool. Meanwhile Bow and Quiver is singled out.
Conversely, all Armor types except Helmets are singled out.
The solution is not as obvious as putting Shields with Bows, even tho that would single out Helmets, only makes it better for 2H, but worse for Shield users and Bow users. The biggest problem still remains, that all melee weapons are crammed in 1 Timeline.

I suggest separating 2H melee weapons from One-Handed ones and putting them with Shields where they belong. Maybe overlook that Belts are classified as armor and put Belts with Relics, then put Helmets in the Belts original Timeline. This would make it slightly better for everyone, but mostly increase Melees target-farmability towards the Archers and Spellcasters.

PS: The other option would be making it worse for Bows by introducing a new weapon type and putting them together…

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There were a lot of discussions around this in the past. The amount of uniques slightly changed but the overall loot pool relative to each other should be still fairly relevant.

Yes Reign of Dragons with Melee Weapons is the worst contender, but all of the other timelines are actually not that bad.

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yea and it will only get worse when more new Uniques are introduced

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