Badges: how do they work?

I purchased LE in early 2020 (February). I upgraded pre 1.0 to the ultimate edition. I currently have only one badge showing up on the forums and when I go to my account settings under badge it shows a different badge (first traveler). However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to add that badge or change my badge or do anything. I also think there should be more than 2? I don’t know…I’m confused. How does this work?

Yah something wacky going on with them. I bought in 0.8.5 on Steam, which I thought was advertised at the time as Ardent something or other.

My DLC badges were both applied a few days after the (separate) purchases, so there seems to be some sort of sync or manual intervention

Yea i have the same problem. I played beta and was one of the first buying the game. Sadly no badges. (yet)