Badge from CBT missing


My forum badge i should have from purchasing the 35€ game back in late 2022 still hasn’t showed up. What can i do ?


I’m missing two badges from supporter packs aswell and mentioned it in another thread a few days ago. Moxjet from EHG did a little Q&A in the ingame chat today. Obviously it was meant for questions regarding 1.0 but I asked him what we should do about the badges. I was told to create a ticket on the support page which I did afterwards.

I guess with 1.0 being right around the corner it will take a while before someone has the time to look into it though. Of course that’s no big deal as it’s just a badge. But I think they can sort that out for you if you write a ticket aswell.

Edit: For anyone stumbling upon this post - the issue got resolved super easily and quick through the ticket system!

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