Bad spawn and sequence break

Bad Spawn

I loaded into The Tundra in the Divine Era and somehow loaded in outside the map.
The screenshot is about where I was when the loading screen faded.
It might be because of Teleporting or clicking around while loading.

Sequence break

I decided to look around and found a slope leading back up near the Temple.
Which resulted in me entering the Temple and sequence breaking.
Not sure which quests are in between ‘Find the nomads’ and ‘Explore the temple’, or what their rewards are, but I likely gimped myself and lost some passive points?

Leaving the temple caused the ice pillar bridge to rise.

And some more screenshots that won’t really matter to the devs, but might be fun for everybody else; here’s what’s outside the playable area:

Outside the map

We’re looking into this issue. In the meantime, restarting the game fixes the problem for most people. Thanks!

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