Bad info / data for new affix

Just a quick note for a new affix that is not showing what it should. Screen shots attached.


If you don’t have any of those affixes in your affix vault, I don’t think it will tell you there’s anything there.

All the other times I have had a new affix on an item it tells me what the affix is, this only says it’s affix number 715 :slight_smile:

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Oh. I see that. I was thinking that was one of the new ones. It does the same when you have none but it doesn’t have a number.

Yeah, that does look weird and like a bug.

And can definitely confirm now. got the same thing on that new affix.

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Same issue. Text bug v0.9.2A. The affix shard “Armour and Reduced Bonus Damage from Crits” displays as “715” on the Forge instead of something like "Armour & Crit Reduction. Screenshot with arrow pointing to the text issue:

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Same trouble here.
I changed some affix by Glyph of Chaos, then rolled the affix “715”.
(715 = +Armour and Reduced Bonus Damage from Crits)

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