Bad german translations

Are there any plans to improve the quality of the german translations?
i mean you offer a german language setting so how is it possible, that the german translation is google translator quality at best? especially the wording and/or naming of some stats are just way off to a point that it doesnt make sense at all.

i can already hear the german players cry out loud who arent able to speak english. which are a lot unfortunately.

it just leaves behind an awful first impression for everyone playing on the german client. would make the game feel like its still in beta which is a no-go for a release title. especially in the german community.


All translations are getting improved constantly.

German is not the only one being mediocre at best.
As far as I understand some of the otehr languages are even worse. At least they were when implemented.
They did a couple of improvements to some localisations already and 1.0 will contain anotehr batch of imrpovements.

But to be fair, while some wordings are not the best, most of the translatiosn are enough to understand basic stats and skill nodes. Onyl some of the more advanced stuff is kinda tricky.

But these are often stuff that is not even understood in english by english speaking players :smiley:

i have to disagree that the translations are good enough to understand.

Wordings like “Stationsaufbewahrung” for ward retention makes no sense at all. i even had to switch to the english client myself to check what they meant lol. also spell classifications / affixes likes “Transversierung” for transversal does might make sense, but its a word that is never used in the german language. in fact i have never ever heard it before. but i guess that one goes for english aswell. they should just have went with “movement” there.


FWIW, the English version of that one is actually supposed to be “Traversal” (which Google Translate says is “Durchquerung”?), which is used as a keyword for specific types of skills that move you enough that you might use them to “traverse” the terrain. Those skills have certain restrictions placed on them. “Movement” would likely be confusing since it would overlap with “Movement Speed” - it would not be unreasonable to think that “Movement Speed” would then affect those skills, even though it didn’t.

While I have only the barest understanding of localization, swapping “traversal” with “transversal” is a really weird thing to do that I would not expect of someone who has fluency in English. Perhaps the problem wasn’t so much on the German end as it was on the English end of the translation?

I still don’t understand why they added traversal into the max when movement was going just fine. Unless they wanted to have all traversal skills share a cooldown without fucking over any skills that have the movement tag.

I thought that was exactly why they did it?

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I’m waiting for the maneuvering and motion tags


willing to help for free … there is still stuff that needs to be translated…

but please change “Eingabe von XXXXX” into “Betrete XXXXXX” …

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they dont want players help for the translation because players could just stop translating at any time so they end up with half done work… like google translator is any better xD i guarantee germans crying about the bad translation as soon as its released. with german enabled the translation makes the game feel like some shabby asia grinder.

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