Back to endless loading screens and disconnects

Sorry, but right now the game is pretty close to be unplayable.

Transition times of multiple minutes, often enough ending in disconnects.
Its been almost 24 hours since the release, please get it stable now.


I’m sure they didn’t think about this. Thanks for your contribution.


Sorry. Dontcry pls all day. The game has been running for a day and needs to be fixed. Whoever thought that the game would run normally from launch is naive.

The offline mode is actually the best option until they fixed there server problems. :slight_smile: you dont miss much in offline mode.

Sorry but is that not something we may expect when you buy a game?

I wonder if you would be so complacent when you buy a car and you notice it won’t drive out of the garage like you expect it would do.

Don’t bother telling me that it is not the same thing please.

So, yes I think his question is totally fine to ask and doesn’t deserve a smuck reaction to it.


Comparing a car to a computer game is absurd. Almost every online game had at least a little problem starting. It has to be reckoned with. I know it’s not good, but this crying about it is pointless. Just wait a few days and everything will be fine.

The game actually works normally. Although only offline, you can play.

Same issue; from the moment I tried to transition zones about 10 min ago the game has been unresponsive. Relogging didn’t work either.

Confirm, endless login page, can’t enter the game


Confirmed loading for 5 minutes now.

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takes forever to get in and once/if i do get in the chat isnt working.

googling about it reveals that this is a common issue for them lol

the same problems keep coming back apparently. idk what to think about that.

I just bought all Destiny 2 content for 20 bucks at HumbleBundle. Will come back to LE when I’m done with all of that, maybe it will be playable until then.

Edit: Can’t play D2 because maintenance :skull_and_crossbones:

how is this crying?

Its still not even close to work properly. people spend more time in loading screens than in the game.

I dont know about you, but when i purchase a product thats been advertised as a finished release, i at least expect it to be accessible, especially after 24 hours.

Yes not working at all now, cant login to online services. Just like it was at launch. Incredible.

I see people say stop crying and game has been out for a day but the disconnect issue has been around since it first launched and it would seem in 1.0 they now just say it is because of server overload because they never fixed it to start with.

Im on the SEA server and working just fine for me and my friends