Baby Scorpions from Summon Scorpion: Despawn bug

From what I’ve observed, what could be the bug is that the Baby Scorpions can’t be spawned at echo maps once they’ve already spawned at a previous location.

Everytime I start the very first echo after logging in to the game and summon my minions at the echo map, the skill works fine, and the Baby Scorpions spawn at the map I’m in once I press Venom Nova (Sweet Release node) ability (or wait for the spawn rate). Once I finish the echo, and teleport to the Echo Reward room, all my minions get teleported with me, including the Baby Scorpions.

Now this is how I assume what the bug is

Once I start a new echo from the Echo Reward room, after already played that first one, all my minions despawn, except the Baby Scorpions, wich presents a strange behavior: instead of despawning, they literally run to the border of the “Echo Reward room”, and get stuck there while facing a “invisible wall”.

Once the new echo map is loaded, all my minions respawn but the Baby Scorpions, and pressing Venom Nova (Sweet Release node) ability doesn’t spawn them aswell as waiting for the spawn rate from the skill, because they’re stuck at the previous “Echo Reward room”. Thats why removing and then reapplying Summon Scorpion to the skillbar “fix” the problem, because it forces the Baby Scorpions to despawn, and once that happens, you can summon them again at your location. That ends up being the cicle you’ll have to do for the later echos, wich kills the gameplay flow.

If I summon the Baby Scorpions at the Monolith room, this bug happens aswell. Baby Scorpions just run to the edge of the Monolith room and get stucked there, being prevented from spawning on the echo map unless you remove (forcing the minions to despawn) and reapplying the skill to the skillbar (“fixing” the problem).