Axe thrower not activating

so i don’t see any axes flying anywhere. I’m hitting an enemy and watching closely and not one axe ever comes out. The description doens’t say that it REQUIRES an axe, nor does it say it REQUIRES a melee hit.
so basically, why not? i’m using hammer throw with a mace.
i even tried a bunch of melee hits with a mace, and still no axe is thrown. am I missing something? or perhaps you need to update the description?

It’s always worked fine for me. Could you upload your character to the build planner and link it? The axes aren’t the easiest thing to see but they will proc of any hit.

yea you’re right, nevermiind. the axes are HARD to see, so I had to take a video and look slowly frame by frame. and sure enough, there it was. It looks exactly like one of my many hammers on the screen.

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