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Awesome, awesome, awesome!

I just needed to drop in and say: I’ve been watching your progress for some time and it is amazing! Your ability to keep up the communication to the community is commendable, as well!

I’m looking forward to being a part of the community :smiley:


Welcome, and you are right, EHGs communication stands out.

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Welcome to the community CrazyBuffal0, we’re happy to have you! And thank you for the kind words!

I don’t mean to be one to plug, this just happens to be fortuitous timing - If community communication is something you enjoy, we actually host a weekly dev stream starting here… very shortly from the time of this comment. Every Friday! (2022-06-24T20:00:00Z ) where you can come hang out a bunch of us, watch Mike (one of our senior developers) play last epoch, and ask questions regarding Last Epoch at

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Nice job

Damn, I got click baited by the title. Good job OP, you lured me in and welcome to the forums :smile: