Avatar of The Spire + Iron Spiral (Also Catapult Bugged?)

I have a question, Is Avatar of The Spire bugged or is intended to not double the amount of Hammers when you cast it while affected by Iron Spiral.
The Tooltip only specify that the Hammers are Thrown unless your hammers spiral but I’m pretty sure that at least in 0.8 you summon up to your max quantity of Hammers even if you were using Iron Spiral

Also I may be dumb but isn’t Catapult supposed to cast 5 Hammers at Once? (+2 /p and 1 Base) Why is only casting only 3 Hammers ?

If you read the node then you’ll see that it’s supposed to not double the number of hammers if they spiral.


Iron Spiral halves the number of hammers rhrown, per the description.