Hi, periodically the autocast feature turns itself off. Usually this happens with zoning from one place to another or at the end of a Monlith Run. Could someone please look at this? Thanks

Which skills are you using autocast with? I can’t think of any Primalist skills that have an autocast node so I’m assuming you’re refering to autocasting via the num lock trick. If so, the devs don’t “support” that so they won’t be fixing it.

If you are refering to using num lock, that’s likely due to you alt tabbing to a different window, num lock has never stopped working while going through a zone transition for me.

It does not matter which skill is autocast. Simple zoning shuts them off or even switching screens. Autocast refering to the num lock version. And it happens to me.

Alt-tabbing to a different programme has always stopped the autocasting but in-game changing zones is still autocasting after loading in to the other zone for me (both zoning via the map/portal & walking to different zones). Even clicking on various screens (passives, skills, etc) doens’t prevent autocasting.

What hardware are you using? Do you have any keybinds that might relate to the skills not autocasting?

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