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Auto Pickup Crafting Materials Like Gold

Pretty much what the title says: I would like to have a checkbox in the gameplay options that I can check to make my character pickup crafting materials like she is picking up gold - just by walking over it.

I’m not sure wether should be an option to do this to all of the loot, as it makes things more convenient but also takes away from the looting experience. But crafting materials drop so much, that I’d personaly say that I would like to pick them up like gold.

Thank you for youre time.

Gold is the currency, crafting materials are the items. Automatic currency picking is possible and justified. Automatic picking up of items is either technically impossible (I’m not sure here) and definitely not justified, since auto-picking will then pick up absolutely all items.

I understand that this is a rather weak explanation, but the developers’ comments on this topic refer to the fact that gold and crafting materials are technically different objects in the game, and it is impossible to make the same rules for them.

Ok got it - thank you!

This is one of the most discussed topics.
If you search through the forums you will literally find dozens of topics and hundreds of posts about it.

Generally EHG stated, that they don’t want crafting materials to be auto-looted, because they want these things to feel like items and not like a currency.

They already admitted, that as of right now (Patch 0.8.5f) they don’t really achieved this yet.
So they are still working on it.

But this is also a feature, when they do implement this and further down the line revert this change, people will be extremely negative about it, because something they got used to was taken away.

There are a lot of these features, where going back after some tempoary changes will be perceived very negatively.

The current vaccum loot within a radius around the character already kinda is a compromise to reduce the amount of clickign requried while still needing deliberate actions from the player to loot their rewards.

  • **Will there ever be auto-pickup for crafting materials?**We don’t like to say “never”, but our current stance is that this would be a net negative for Last Epoch. The reason being that crafting shards are loot, not currency. The difference being that currency has no individual value: One gold piece is the exact same as any other gold piece. However with shards, there’s rare and desirable shards as there is any other loot such as armor, idols, or jewelry. Having to interact with it gives it meaning, and allows you to see what you get, and appreciate getting rare/desirable shards. One of the biggest things we keep in mind with this is that any changes here are largely a one way road. Regardless of whether adding automation is good for the game’s health or not, players will almost always be happy to be given more automation and power. However if we feel a change has done a disservice to the game, it’s exceptionally hard to go back on without major backlash from the playerbase.