Auto pick up Rune/Glyph/Crafting material (Like gold)

Currently it feels bad to pickup materials(runes/glyphs/) when we already have the auto pickup when walking over gold.
I would love to see the same auto pickup feature for materials - or it removed from gold (as it was back in D2).

I would hate to have to manually pick up gold. So would much prefer just auto pickup the runes/glyphs, as they take unnecessary time to pickup AND to activate from your inventory.

… and moving them right to material stash :slight_smile:
I know that it wasn’t added from the start, but now, when material stash exists, it would be logical to make it work that way. There’s no regular need to view newly picked up materials in our inventory.


I was thinking about writing it ,. but i believe it’s the intention of the developers to do that - i just think they haven’t gotten around to it yet, and just implemented the button as a “quick-fix”

Yeah, I believe so :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing Grim Dawn and I have to say that when I discovered Grim Internals and played with it for the first time, it was like playing a new game (Grim Internals has an option of picking up components/materials). It’s such a huge QoL it’s insane

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