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Aura of Decay SpeedRunning Necromancer 7.10

SpeedRunning Necro With huge survivability and Aura of Decay active!

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What boss drops the boots?


Thx for the info.
The item database is not very helpfull because you can only see its not a random drop but it doesnt list a boss :frowning:

Respecced my “lagging as hell” level 60 Skelli nec yesterday. Crafted some rough helath gear (~2900 life), took every bad life idol i could find, Sanginius and plaguebearer finally got a use. And hey it works quite fine at lvl 68 mono with semi bad gear and bad idols and a missing key item :slight_smile:

Guess this night it is shoe farming time …

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Is there anywhere I can check boss of each zone in MoF? used to have the boss names on the items that they dropped by they have been removed. :frowning:

It could be nice if new player know where to farm specific unique. I got some dropped but I couldn’t remembered where I got it. So it’s so hard to target farm to find one with better roll :frowning:


Quick question regarding the passive “Putrid Retribution”, the build does not run any minions, so where will the Putrid Wraith be spawning from? Sorry if I’m missing something here!

Wraith Bringer on the Lich passive tree? Not seen the video so…

Hi, it is the putrid retribution from the necromancer passive tree.

Just leftover from a previous build can respec those points

1 point in River of Bones gains me e.g. 80% spelldamage
5 points a 400%

You talk about 500% do i miss anything?

Hollow lich gives “leech to 10*damage” but stats “doesnt effect your minion leech”
So i guess it somehow works with the second and fourth line of River of Bones (20% * 2 * 10 = 400%)?

There’s been talks that node is busted or not working as intended. Is it only 80%? Was 100% all damage types before per point

Just tried it ingame … i get 80% if i add a point.
Maybe you can double check.

Edit: Can someone confirme that Formosus drops the boots?
6 Formosus kills 6 amuletts …

Its like 14% chance but its the correct boss

80% per point is what I get, plus it makes sense if you look at it right. 10x4%x2 since the lich node seems to count minion leech as well as your leech. It seems to count each instance of any kind of leech. For example reach of the grave wand gives 200% damage.

400% it is :slight_smile: still a awesome amount to get for just 5 passives points :slight_smile:

yeah the boots dropped for me 2 days ago from Formosus. after a loooooot of farming. i was unlucky with the drop chance i guess but hey i do have a ton of amulets :smiley:

Lol … I hadn’t thought about it, I’ve killed that unfortunate 17 times… making all the maps until I get to it is bad.

Lovely, so much fun again after the sacrifice build got a bit nerfed.
A question regarding mana nodes you go for.

  1. Rip Blood’s “Mana Feast” costs 5 points to max and to get there. Put in Arcane Absorbtion & Run dry for hit damage
  2. Transplant’s “Pale Blood”, 3 points. Extends Transplant CD. 3/3 Last laugh–>60% incr. Minion damage

The question is: "Why invest in mana gain nodes at all? The only mana consuming spell is Bone curse…only at lvl 60 now but I can spam that with 14% CDR. What did I miss?