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Aura of Decay + Soul Feast question

I have a question, and though I’ve searched through the forums, I’ve never seen it asked.

The Aura of Decay specialization tree has a passive that gives the player a chance when hit to cast Soul Feast. Though the animations for Soul Feast aren’t very noticeable, I believe it is being cast properly, so the talent appears to be working at intended.

My question is this: is the Soul Feast cast from this specialization OUR Soul Feast, meaning that it is cast with all of our specializations, should we choose to specialize into it, or is it cast at base, with no buffs whatsoever?

Again, I apologize in advance if this has been asked, I searched for a bit and never saw it mentioned, so I figured it hadn’t before.

Considering the wording, the character casts Soul Feat, so yes, it will use the specialization tree.