Aura of decay, soul feast, death seal is not working

Hello. I have a problem with skills. they don’t deal any damage. please help

You’re going to need to provide significantly more detail for anyone to be able help you, my dude.

But, for starters:

  • Soul Feast requires targets to be cursed - otherwise it does nothing - unless you take the talent that makes it not.
  • Aura of Decay doesn’t deal damage directly - it poisons enemies, and the poison does the damage. Depending on the talents you took, it may also deal no damage at all on purpose.
  • Death Seal doesn’t deal any damage at all - it buffs your damage - until it expires, or unless you take specific talents.

I recommend reading the descriptions of the skills and the talents you took for them.

It does damage with its Wave of Death nova and with Mortal Pulse node you release that nova each second.

You should be more specific and share your build, that could help.
These are very common skills widely used.

Yeah. I said that.

Thanks for the answers. I am using build Lich, Level 75 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

and this is guide

That build is designed for hungering souls to do the damage. Aod only does armor shred so it boost the hit damage of hungering souls. Death seal is set up to proc more hungering souls and boost your damage, and lastly soul feast isnt even used in the guide…

I assume you mean hungering souls not soul feast. In that vase to get it to do good damage. Stack more adaptive spell damage. Spell damage. Necrotic damage. And make sure you habe exactly 3 minions out at all times

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