Aura of Decay Question

Has anyone found the magical sweet spot where you can keep AoD running at all times? If so, what’s required to equalize the self-damage?

There is no such sweetspot atm. EHG likes skills to feel “active” and we seem to toggle AoD on and of for whatever philosophy reason EHG has.

Using NumLock tricks to toggle it on and off very quickly and constantly would seem to be the new norm. This is done in every recent build I’ve looked at which includes AoD.

Your question will be hard to answer since it will very depending on poison damage, duration, stacks and other modifiers that you might apply in your build. I did get to balance it out in a build I used, though. Not a high corruption build admittedly but still quite fun.

I avoided getting duration passive, Lasting Stench, since that allowed the self poison to stack more poison on me, taxing the balance. Doing so, of course, limits your poison damage to the basic 3 seconds, which limits how many stacks you get on enemies. I concentrated on ways to apply poison to get more stacks on the enemy (cast speed and skills) to make up for it.

Relevent stats were:
HP- 1800
80-100 health regen per second
capped poison resistance (through gear and/or passives/skills)
4 points in Absence of life node in Aura of Decay(the healing node)
I also took leech passive nodes for in combat healing

Thanks everyone.

If you still having problems, like sometimes your pois damage it’s to much higher.

Try to use the specific amulet “take reduced damage over time” should help

Even with all available dmg over time reduction the skill is a clownfiesta.

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Is that like “how many clowns can you fit in a small Ford?”

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Nope even the small ford would be to small for it. You need the same ammount of clowns as angels you can ft on a pinhead.

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A time ago, I made a lich with full aura of decay damage.

I remember, in past, succeed to manage all damage from aura.

But I remember until level 7x or 8x, it’s a tiller bit difficult, bot nothing impossible.