Aura of Decay - Plague Rat bugged

Putting 1 to 4 points in plague rat does not increase the area for Aura of Decay at all. Please fix as this node is worthless as of now.

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Aura of Decay is used in quite a few builds so it seems odd that this wouldnt have been noticed before…

I dont have an acolyte that I can easily convert to test this but with 4 points thats 60% increased area on a default of 4m… so if my math is correct, thats only an additional 2.4m which could be hard to “see” for sure…

Is there any way you can test your setup with the dummy and see if your proximity to the dummy affects the aura? i.e. move just close enough for Aura of Decay to work without the PoR and then spec it and move away to see if its still ticking?

Apologies if you have already tested this yourself…

This is actually how I tested it. I am currently testing it again right now as I type this. I despecialized the skill. And no matter how I got about it. Adding the 4 points into Plague Rat seems to do nothing to the area.

With your math this may be intended by the devs and if that is the case I think I will put my 3 points somewhere else as they are pretty much being wasted (need 1 point in this node to travel)

But as of now it seems 1-4 points still do nothing to the area.

Let me know if you test and see the same outcome.

Thank you.

I tested it again this morning (on stream). The node is in fact working its just snap shotting was throwing me off. Your math seems to be 100% correct.

Here was the issue. When testing just the Plague Rat node. I would not turn AoD off and on in between points. This seemed to cause the game to snap shot AoD with 0 points thus showing no change to area.

TLDR: Turn AoD off then back on!

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