Aura Of Decay: Loathing affects YOU

Well. That,
Loathing node affects the player and marks you for death.

If that IS intended: I think the text of loathing should be updated to refect that.


I unspeccted Loathing node and I keep getting marked for death from time to time while Aura of Decay is active.

After that: Turning Aura of Decay off also stills makes me marked for death when I get hit. (what??)

Removing the skill from the bar looks like to solution, But I havent tested it more.

Also it looks that “Ailment Frequency” from nodes like “Rot Weaver” affects the speed at which it poisons you. But the Text says “Enemies”.

Aura of Decay snapshots, its an issue

The ailment frequency is normal, you apply the poison to yourself more and more, the base is 3 stacks but you can poison yourself 6-8 times with ailment frequency making it harder to play

AoD is probably my fav skill but I cant really play it anymore as its too punishing. My current offline AoD Lich idles with 0HP in town and dies immediately if I turn on AoD with 0 HP because of all the HP drain bs

Thank you brother

I’m at level 37 and AoD is getting more and more hungry, and is literraly eating me alive.
I was hoping this could be mitigated in the endgame.
But I you say it is not… then I’m left a bit disappointed.
If damage mods affect my own survivability because I do more dmg to MYSELF, then I’m thinking about rerolling…

I strongly think AoD should not poison you, just do fixed or % health damage to you.
(I’m sorry for mentioning another game here, but just like RF in PoE).

AoD might need a rework then.

How to you build a Poison Lich without AoD?

You need the Healing nodes in AoD and to stack Healing effectiveness - 500% is good to stay alive but anything, Soul Maw for leech or Bleeding Heart, Reaper Form, Deathseal. you can easily sustain AoD while leeching its the moving around maps with no enemies part that makes it bad to play, you can sustain Reaper on the dummy for minutes to the point you degen your entire hp bar in 1 tick

You should try Icarian Poison, you just die eventually

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Yup, its almost as though the devs didn’t intend AoD to be turned permanently. Not that I agree with that but there we are.

You need to run it with Cleanse affix on belt, stack a really high poison then turn it off when near failure and use a potion but it doesnt really work in practice due to boss damage reductions and mapping etc. You can run the Decrepify node for -100 armor shred stacks on you, thats fun, you seem to get stunned repeatedly at that point

But I found the best way to play AoD is to stack damage/healing effect on it, use Wandering Spirits channelling node against rares and Deathseal auto proccing Hungering Souls with every % damage node in Hungering

But this build on paper seemed nerfed in every way according to patch notes, it got slightly buffed in its recovery since you now do less damage against yourself… even Deathseal was nerfed

Turn it off?

Just a thought.

AoD isn RF sadly :). I hope the rework of the skill will happen sooner then later and we get a more managable tradeoff then the one in place.