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Aura of Decay Lich (WIP) Beta 0.7.0b


First of all thanks for Reading this and I hope you enjoy this Build if you play it :slight_smile:
Please dont forget that this Build is still WIP (Work in Progress) and i’ll update it everytime I find something new that could change the Build into even more Damage.

                  Informations about the Playstyle

Summon your Blood Golem -> Activate Aura of Decay when you see Enemies -> Cast
Hungering Souls and run into melee Range for your Aura -> Cast Wandering Spirit’s everytime it comes up from the Cooldown
Don’t forget to turn of Aura of Decay when you are taking heavy Damage and think you can’t survive with it Active.

            Some Informations about my current Character

Level: 38
Passive Tree’s:
Acolyte : Blood Aura (8/8) -> Mania of Mortality (7/10) -> Crimson Gluttony (5/5)
Lich (current) : Dance with Death (8/8) -> Wraith Bringer (2/5) -> Desolation (7/8) -> Bed of Souls (8/8) -> Volatile Blood (5/10)
Stats: [Level 49]

                     Skills & Specializations

Level 3 ; Hungering Souls
Life Hunt -> Reaper’s Gaze -> Decayed Mind
Level 9 : Wandering Spirits
Spectral Putrescence -> 2 Nodes connected to Spectral Putrescence -> Terrifying Presence
Level 19 : Summon Bone Golem
Blood Golem - > Unnatural Speed -> Infected Remains
Level 34 : Mark for Death
Weak Constitution -> Lingering Curse
Level 49 : Unused since Reaper Form or Aura of Decay doesn’t have a Tree yet

                     Stat's to get on your Gear

Damage over Time
Poison Damage

Poison Resistance (Important)
Health Regen
Increased Chance to find Potion’s
All other Protection’s = Armor

You can find Screenshots of Passives Tree’s / Stats etc. here since im only allowed to post one Picture or 2 Links.

Hope I haven’t forgot anything important for this Build, thanks alot for Reading if you have any Tipps or recommendations to get this Build better please be sure to post them under this Forum Thread. If you want to see this Build perform live be sure to catch me live at Twitch .


Quick Stats update!
Got to level 57 and made some pretty good Gear, also found out that you need around 25-30 Health Regen to sustain Aura of Decay!

Can you please put a video of your build in action ?
It helps us a lot, to see how viable the build really is.
And please turn on damage numbers.

I found it on your twitch:

Recorded a Video of me doing a Monolith Run + showing the Current Gear & Stats I have.
Will post a Arena Run as soon as I get a Key :slight_smile:

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