Aura of Decay bug?

I am new so I don’t know which part is buggy but I am sure this is not the intented way to work. Here is what happening:
I cast/activate Aura of Decay, the poison slowly start to stack on me. 1 stack then 2 3 4 5 firstly it is slow but soon the stacking go wild exponentially, reaching 7-10k stack. Which destroy the pefromance. During this Iam taking 13k+ poison damage altough my hp is only 300 yet even if my life reach 0 I can’t die from it.( Enemies still can kill me) + everytime my life reach zero I summon a wrath too.
So at the end I end up with 0 fps, 10k+ poison stack, and around 50+ wraith.

Thanks for the report! Could you upload your log file and a screenshot of your Aura of Decay tree, along with your passives and gear? A video clip would also be helpful, but not necessary.

I uploaded a video + screenshots + log to google drive, here is the link:

Also I understand the stacking part, since that happens because Icarian Poison. But I am pretty sure that I should die because of it if I don’t turn it off in time. Also Wraith states that it should happen when I kill an enemy and not myself, so that is an another bug altough probably doesn’t matter if you actually die at 0 hp.

Thanks. The Wraith Bringer bug was known, but I’m pretty sure you’re right about it killing you. I’m looking into it.

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