Audio Stutter

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As in the other thread, may as well upload these files in case they might do some good.

I have found a stupid-silly fix to this that works for me every time, at least.

Maybe this will provide the devs with some insight or path to research… I’m not sure but I hope so.

Every time I enter the game these days, once I actually load a character to play I get the stuttering.

And I played around with the settings so much and one time the stuttering audio stopped. I tried to re-create that, and after several trials I am sure of what to do (for me, at least).

Go into settings after you load your character, go to the Sound tab, and slide the Master Volume all the way to zero. Release the mouse. Slide it back up to wherever you want it, and exit the settings menu.

The audio stuttering should be gone. I have done this close to 10 times now and it works every time. ONE time the stuttering came back while gaming for no apparent reason, but I did this again and it went away.

I am VERY interested to hear feedback on this.

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So, both yes and no for me.

Doing this does remove the sutter but the static echo from the sutter is sitll there. Also it did not work everytime like in this clip it only worked the second time.

MasterSoundFix Attempt

It’s possible that the stuttering and the static echo thought to be from the suttering are seperate issues or not. still it’s progress.

@HybridLyte Hopefully this might help narrow it down for you guys.

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I also get this issue, hopefully a fix is coming

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