Attributes not allowed on certain bases

Some skills and items have attribute scaling, that are unusual for the class:

  • Explosive trap and aerial assault from intelligence
  • Fundamental Criterion from strength and attunement
  • Runebolt has flat damage from strength (although ally strength also counts)

Not every helmet/body/relic base is suitable for every attribute. If it’s intended, that’s fine. But because of that the smart loot system actively hinders the ability of certain classes to make specific legendary items. In my case, I want to transfer intelligence to the helmet, but it’s very hard to find any exalted mage/acolyte helmet as a rogue. The easiest way to acquire an exalted helm with intelligence is to play another class, which is weird, and I absolutely won’t make another character to make a helm for my main character. Same thing for mage trying to add strength or attunement to the Fundamental Criterion.

For MG char I would simply buy the item from the bazaar. But for CoF, I don’t know the exact numbers, but it feels like exalted items are at least 20-30 rarer, if they are for another class.

I suggest to allow every attribute on any base. Although it will dilute the mod pool with not very useful attributes, but the weights can be adjusted to make it less noticeable. Another solution is to make those attributes craft-only, so they can’t naturally drop, but at least can be crafted if I really want to.

That’s one thing I didn’t like a lot in CoF. The other one is that it has no influence on boss specific drops, other than doubling the LP chance, which is not even remotely enough to reach the accessibility of those items in MG. CoF is fun, but until those two things are fixed, I don’t think it’s worth my time

It is. Vitality can’t be put on the same number of bases that the other attributes can so a caster VK can’t get as much flat damage aa they would otherwise.

And if you could/did, the class-specific nature of the mage/acolyte helm should/would transfer over to the resulting legendary.

Intelligence affix is not class specific, any class can have it on rings, gloves etc. When int is transferred to the unique item, it doesn’t make it class specific, my rogue in MG wears a legendary helmet with int

It’s not necessarily the affix that makes the legendary class-specific when the unique wasn’t (though that is also a thing), from my recollection of what the devs said, if a class-specific exalted item is used with a non-class-specific unique then the legendary will be class-specific as well. Though I could be wrong & have misunderstood.

Edit: I was & did…

I would actually like to see something that clarifies this. I’ve considered saving some class-specific items with good general bases (nothing class-specific, i.e. %health, %armor, etc) but have been to chicken to test it. :crazy_face:

You could test it by fusing some trash unique with trash exalted class-specific item.


This is like telling a junkie to give someone else some stash to test if it’s okay. :smiley: :crazy_face:

If it’s a class specific affix like +levels, then the resulting unique will also become class specific.

If it’s a mod, that can’t be normally crafted on the class bases, but can be crafted on anything else (like int on rings), then the legendary item won’t have a class requirement from the exalted item, because it was bound to the base itself which is destroyed, not to the affix. I’m pretty sure about this because my rogue in MG wears a legendary helmet with intelligence.

I don’t know, that will happen, if you smash two items for different classes, you can try that.

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Class-specific affixes don’t appear to make a legendary class-specific, which I thought they did (eg, Int on a helm, which is a Mage/Acolyte specific affix) so sticking a non-class-specific affix from a class-specific item probably won’t make the legendary class-specific either. I was wrong.