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Attributes and spells casted on Hit

Hello everyone!

How Does exactly work attributes when we are using a skill to proc a spell?
I mean, for example, if I’m trying to proc magma shard spell from “Volcanus unique” (that has it own attribute sinergy) trough warpath hits, Does strength indirectly enhance the damage of magma shard because strength improves warpath? Or just the sinergy from that spell?


hey welcome to the community, if you press ALT during you view Volcanus’s tooltip, another tooltip for for Magama Shard should appear that lists all the scaling taggs and scaling info.

Hello, thanks you.
Yeah, i know but i was thinking about if it could be like attributes and damage over time applied trough skills (strength does nothing for bleeding but it does when you are making the objetive to bleed using a strength skill).

So, apart from scalling by adquiring intelligence, attunement and character level, i was wondering if the skill that aplly (trigger) the spell could add damage from it sinergies too.

The devs have previously said in discord that if a thing has a skill tree & is proc’d by a different skill then the thing’s skill tree is used for damage modifiers rather than the proccing skill tree. So if skill A proc’d skill B, the damage dealt by skill B wouldn’t be modified by skill A.

The sole exception of this is Firebrand because it’s supposed to buff a consuming skill.

And probably Werebear’s 100% more damage to a stunned mob node.

I am curious myself about having more information (in general) available for special unique proc’d abilities - like Magma Shards. Tunklab only lists Attunement and Intelligence, you would think “Fire” would be an obvious scaler, however it’s not listed. Shouldn’t fire also be a scaler?

One might think that but those are the only tags the magma shards have in-game.

Yes, I realize that. Hence why I’m suggesting that “Fire” and “Spell” scalers be added so it is more consistent with other similar abilities (divine bolt, flame burst, fire aura, etc.). Fire at the very least should be added…the ability is called “Magma Shards” for goodness sake…

If something says “spell” and also “fire damage”, it is assumed that fire/elemental/spell damage and critical (global and spell) are scaling too.
However, what i use to do is unwear a part of the gear, open the inventory hold “Alt” and check magma shard damage, now equipt an item with just the stat you want to test. For that, you can buy a white item, craft the desired stat and check it again: if the damage/stat changes then we can suppose that is scaling (we are assuming the tooltip is working correctly).

Another way is hitting the dummy, but not having any kind of external app to monitor your dps, you have to drastically change your gear to test if something scales or not.

P.S. Sorry for my poor English, I’m still learning.