Attack Animation Every Other Attack

After patch, my character will perform a weapon swing animation every other attack when repeatedly right clicking. Sound effects still go off and particle effects with damage but the character does not swing his weapon. Only every other attack. If I hold down [right click] the animations perform correctly.

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What skill are you using? A video of the behavior you’re seeing, as well as your skill tree for that skill and how much increased attack speed you have would be very helpful for us to look into this.

I will post a video when I get off work this evening. I’m playing a Primalist. I can tell you that after more testing last night, after a relog/game relaunch, the animations behave correctly until I enter combat, then the bug occurs. Also it does not matter what melee weapon I have equipped (1H , 2H, or weapon class). It also does not matter what melee skill I chose to use (Swipe, Tempest Strike, Basic Melee Swing) this issue only occurs after entering combat. Relogging or relaunching the game solves until I enter combat again. Hammer of Lorent is the main weapon I use. I have not tried logging in and not equipping the hammer before I enter combat. I know the Hammer was re-worked so maybe that could be causing something. Didn’t have this issue pre-patch. Hopefully the video later will help you guys. For now I am re-training my brain not to repeatedly [right click] to attack and just hold it down when performing melee. Loving the game so far! Yall have done something right/maigcal with the pacing and flow. Keep it up!

Windows 10 Home 2004 X64
EVGA RTX 2080 ti Gaming
i7 7700K OC to 4.8Ghz
MSI Krait Gaming 3x Mobo
Nvidia Driver Version 451.67

i have the same problom. the attack animaiton does not pay for what ever skill i use if i am constantly using that attack or skill, the animaiton work at first and then dos’nt and repit, the animaiton is playing only to follow the next with out playing.
i use the acolyte class. all of the class skills are affected and also the deault attack ability.

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