Atmosphere to Acolyte Role

I just started the game. I think it is really relaxing to play.
some leveling


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my assassin i also fixed up a little after a ear on the ground for a while in the chat and internet

void knight little problem, already got feedback for it to solve. Still funny clip.

looks good

Wraithlord’s bonks makes for smooth sailing lol!

enjoy, I’m pretty sure it will be nerfed in 2 months.

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I find the WL build boring to play! BM/Falconer does the archetype of having a companion who fights with you. WL on the other hand is just one super minion which at that point I’d rather just play a RM or something like that.

WL build doesn’t satisfy my playstyle as someone who often plays minion classes. I’m much happier playing a cold army that is less viable but can still slowly push corruption.

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Im the same way. Im slowly pushing into 400 with my minion crit build. Last Epoch Build Planner

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@DaddyLuvsYou the build planner isn’t properly linked!

let me try that again.

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@DaddyLuvsYou Man that Raven’s Rise is nice! Whats your ward generation like? I’m struggling in that department which the only three skills that generate ward would be Skeletons/Zombies/Wraiths.

I’ve never thought about not taking the flame wraith node since you don’t need it if you got the idols.

Yea you get well over 100 with just flame wraith idols and they give better crit chance per square than large idols.

Im a bit squishy, I sit at 2.2k ward but get lots of +ward from my erased relic and ward on kill. Usually get into the 3-4k realm, but that can drop back to 2.2 pretty quick. Mainly though I dont have much to do but dodge stuff while my minons kill. Could you link your cold build?

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At 420ish corruption right now with a stable ward of 10k. I tried to shift to fire minions but most of my gear has been built around cold so I’m sticking it out with it. I found that death’s rattle ended up being pretty similar for damage output with Frozen Eyes in my case but with more drawbacks.

Nice! Your way ahead of me in gear. Lp2 and 3 on most relics while im lp 1 on everything. I can see why frozen eyes would work best for you, for a crit build death rattle is mandatory equipment. I just got an 2lp apogee am looking for a decent +flat damage sword to forge it with and pray.

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It took me a few tries to nail frozen apogee. I think the going price right now in MG is 5mil for a 2LP one so it should be pretty doable. Death Rattle would really shine also if you managed to get some turquoise rings!

The zombie experimental mod really helps work in Apogee’s on death effects though since you are running wraiths I don’t think that’s as much of an issue you’ll run into.

Yea my coral ring is my weakest item. It was a shoe horn for the phys and poison res I needed when I went to death rattle. I would get an ivory or Turquoise, or best would be a 3-4lp hollow ring like yours!

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The damage increase from 9 skeletones to 10 skeletons is really noticeable! I think Hollow Finger LP3 is also pretty cheap on MG. I bought two of them for less than 5mil last time I checked.

thank you for this. I will try it at some point. But i like it for now. My assassin remains my favorite with the automated things, you know the standard whatever go to.

Oh yeah, i succeeded in unlocking the 100 corruption. This boss isn’t that hard, im just impatient.