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"At release"?

I backed as a Traveler Supporter via Kickstarter back in the day, and as you all know it says "Digital Copy of Last Epoch at Release ". But does that refer to the actual release-release in 2020 then, so in fact the Early Accessers on Steam will get to play it about a year before I do unless I want to buy it again? Yeye, I know I went with the cheap version, but still. <.<
Because there’s nothing in my account that allows a download of the game or anything, or that even shows that I have backed the game and technically own a copy - even a future one.


Apologies for any confusion.

The $10 supporter pack is a discounted prepurchase of the game, which will be $15 at release next year. We can arrange an upgrade if you e-mail

Hi! Can I get a refund?

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