Assorted Suggestions

Hello! Been loving the game, I picked it up around multiplayer release and have about 40 hours of playtime and figured I’d throw a few suggestions out here based on my experiences, that IMO, would be a good change for the game.

Necromancer changes

  • Currently necro’s “Dread Shade” spell creates an icon down by the health orb, I believe it would be a better summoning experience if it were up with the other minion icons (even better, partially on top of whatever type of minion it is attached to)
  • Allow “Dread Shade” to be cast on a minion by hovering over the minions frame in the top left, it can currently be pretty annoying to try to get it on a specific minion


  • Have forge materials go direct into the forge storage, they clog up the inventory very quickly and clicking to send to forge feels like an unnecessary extra click

  • Have forge materials auto pick up like gold, its quite annoying having to constantly stop to pick up materials when crafting is an integral part of the end game