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Assorted Beta Testing

Playing BETA 0.8.1I

  • From character selection there’s no direct way to log out (switch account).
  • From character selection, once you click “Create New Character” there’s no direct way to cancel until you select a base class.
  • If I have insufficient mana or cooldown to use “shield rush” but I push and hold the key (for extended rush), it will use the ability once the ability becomes available, if the key is still depressed. I frequently hit the key only to realize it’s not available but accidentally shield rush a moment later before I release the key.
  • Noticeable delay in “picking up” items from the inventory with the cursor. You can click an item, quickly move the cursor to a new item, and the later item will be picked up.
  • You can shield rush an arbitrary distance. Not sure if that’s intended. I actually kind of enjoy trying to set a trajectory that will take me across an entire zone.
  • Suggestion. In the forge, show the range of the next tier for a given shard (on successful craft). Perhaps with and/or on the shard tooltip. For example, this sword has t2 flat phys (8 to 11). I’d be handy to have the flat phys shard to show (t3: 12 to 16) or whatever it is.
  • On graphics preset “very low” I get 15 to 25 fps. On “medium” I get 10 to 15. In combination with input lag I think this is the most significant turn-off the game has (for new player experience). I double checked and as best I can tell I am certainly using the dedicated graphics card. The lowest graphics settings are not at all unappealing and I would trade even more for improved feedback.
  • Sometimes loot is hidden. For example, I kill a boss and see one blue item and one yellow item. If I hit ‘Z’ twice to refresh “ground item tooltips” more loot will now be visible. Hidden loot has included shards and a unique bow. Actually, it was the unique drop which brought it to my attention because it has a visual effect in addition to the “ground item tooltip”.

, Matt
64 bit windows 10, Intel i7-6700HQ, 16gb RAM, GeForce GTX 950M


On graphics preset “very low” I get 15 to 25 fps. On “medium” I get 10 to 15.

Yeahhhhh a GTX 950M is gonna have some bad times trying to run this. Although I’m sure the game will be receiving further performance enhancements down the line.

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Major bottleneck for performance is CPU currently.
Your GPU does not contribute that much to your actual performance.

Also LE runs very smoothly on certain systems, that are not really high-end.
So it’s more like the luck of the draw, if you system can handle it well or not.

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Yeah, but a GTX 950 isn’t much better than a GTX 660 which is the minimum requirement, plus it’s a mobile gpu so I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if a GTX 950m (mobile) didn’t perform as well as a GTX 660 (desktop).

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2021 - 05 - 03

  • The “emphasize” feature for loot filter clauses not behaving consistently. Sometimes failure to emphasize target item, sometimes falsely emphasizes non-target item. Refreshing ground item tooltips dot not change initial appearance. Picking up and dropping item does result in desired appearance.
  • Ability to re-order stash tabs with click and drag would be nice.
  • Ability to adjust loot appearance in loot filter would be nice. (expand on “emphasize” options)
  • Can sometimes shield rush off of the walkable terrain. On one occasion I was able to phase to a separate section of terrain.
  • Sometimes background rectangle for ground item tooltip appears but the text does not. Refreshing with ‘z’ sometimes corrected this.
  • If the forge or stash interfaces are open and you walk to a nearby vendor, the vendor popup will be occluded. Would prefer to close stash/forge when clicking on a vendor (to sell).
  • The enemy nameplate at the top of the screen will show the last monster touched by the cursor (instead of clearing when cursor leaves). This was slightly unintuitive to me. I frequently glance at the nameplate and mistake the position of a rare or unique enemy.

Is this true?

Cause it always seems my GPU is the one throttling down.

Ryzen 9 with 3080

This has been confirmed by Mike I believe. Additionally, I’m not familiar with NZXT, however I believe the reporting you’re seeing about CPU usage is misleading. The game is likely (read, definitely) only able to use a few cores and its pushing those cores to their limit. So while CPU usage may only 16%, that 16% is approximately all the performance X cores is able to give to you (I believe X may equal 2).

While it is not using all 12 cores, it is definitely using more than 2 and not 1 is fully throttled even though GPU is.
I’m not saying that the CPU isn’t the problem I’m just curious while it doesn’t SHOW as the problem. I understand the game in FPS situations has immensely unoptimized algorithms for calculating and that overloads the cpu.

I believe Heavy is referencing this quote by Mike:

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This is a known bug. Not sure when it’ll be resolved.

This functionality is confirmed to be coming in the upcoming patch.

These should be in #bug-reports , but it is a known issue and they are working on it. Do have a look and search in the bug reports section, there are plenty of common issues that are being addressed.

That’s what I’ve been saying for some time now but people don’t believe me because they have, like, 2 3090s in sli and every other game they play (often shooters or games where the calculations are done by a server or something like Cyberpunk). So they wonder why their 50 trillion minions each proccing an ailment 100 times a second is slowing their game down.