Assemble abomination

It would be very cool if the summoned abomination remained between sessions. It’s very annoying that every time I log in I have to spend a long time and tediously making a new minion (it’s not always possible to make the maximum stacks the first time).
To be honest, it even “repels” me from using the skill (although conceptually I really like it)

No because minions use “snapshot” of your effects and skilltree when summoned. IE when you first summon you are wearing +1000% hp and that is your " summon" gear, then you swap out to other gear so you might have more hp or more or other things but you are now only sitting at +300% hp, your minions are set for the +1000 because thats when they were cast

Gear snapshotting is a bug, and will be fixed eventually.
However all the information about consumed minions must be stored somehow.
Minions persisting between sessions would be nice, and not just abomination. I’m sure this feature will be added sooner or later, probably not a high priority right now.

yes everyone realizes it is a bug, but it is a bug that if not used makes either you or your minions popcorn… as in either they go poof or you do

Have the devs said it’s a bug? Because in D2, for example, it’s a feature. That’s not to say that they want to do it that way, just that it could be intended.

I had thought they said something about it but i could be wrong, if they do change it then they massively need to buff minions as right now that is the only thing holding that playstyle up

Snapshotting isn’t a bug, it’s how they’ve coded minions (& spells) to not have to require recalculating everything several times a second. How other games that don’t snapshot manage it I don’t know.

Just because it’s not desirable doesn’t mean it’s a bug.