Assemble Abomination - bug

When summoning Abomination with skill trees ( Age of Undeath, Engorgement, Epicurean, Death in the Family) - damage output is acceptable. But when you move/teleport to another map, Abomination’s damage returns to basic. Moving to another map puts Abomination to basic skill without any skill trees. The reason for this is if you summon with skill trees, the abomination’s animation has a skeleton on its back but it resets to a regular-looking abomination when you move to another map. This only happens during moving to another map or when you are partying. However, it works fine when soloing monoliths map. (1.6 MB)

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Came here to post the same bug. Have to keep him summoning all my skeletons and reabsorb when changing maps.

Hopefully this can be fixed.

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I have had this issue as well, only noticed when Arrow Nova was no longer casting.

I tried to replicate this bug. Has it been fixed? Patch notes for 0.9g says it is still in the game; maybe it just doesn’t always happen? I’m playing offline, if that matters.

There’s been a patch since then, but it wasn’t mentioned.

I summoned a big abomination from 5 skeleton warriors and 4 skeleton mages. In a monolith. I then left the monolith, went to the arena place for a dummy, and tested damage. There was a skeleton attached to him the whole time. He did the double swipe that bleeds from the Spoils of War node.

I then resummoned another one from the same minions, and the damage was the same. I then summoned one from nothing. MUCH less damage. No skeleton attached.

Then summoned from only skeleton warriors. Somewhere between on the damage and double swipe/bleed was there. I then went to Kohlheim Pass to try to test changing areas again. And back to the dummy. Same damage as with warriors, warrior still there.

Summoned one with just mages. No skeleton warrior attached, but look, a little skeleton mage. :slight_smile: Damage was appropriate. Went to Rein of Dragons in End of Time, and back to the Champion’s Gate, mage wand still there, damage the same.

Resummoned a new one with all minions again, and Aww look he has a sword AND a staff :slight_smile: Why’d I never notice before? Need to zoom in more. Damage back to normal. Back to doing monoliths. He stayed the same.

So IDK. I’m in offline. But I tried to replicate it. Maybe it’s fixed? :smiley:

They have not fixed the issue yet but have noticed our little bug.

  • Abomination “forgetting” what minions it consumed after moving to a new zone *
    But found another bug where the Abomination loses HP and dies when you wear Aaron’s Will Armor.

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