Aspect of the viper BeastMaster BUILD | WIP |


  • This is a build where your pet are doing all the job you just need to sit there right clicking to get Aspect of the viper sometime applying war cry and other buff like Howl from wolf…

  • Using Wing guard to get tankiness doing no crit but hey did i mention it ? your not here to do the damage

  • This build use 6 unique item so there is room to improve them as legendary but still… To build this you have to get the exact same 4 normal item or you will need damage/res/endurance


  • High Damage… I mean as far as i am rn with this build this is really great
  • Low Skill Cap… you may have to manage that mana pool but really you just have to run
  • Easy to stuff (for the unique part) they are all unique that drop easily
  • The damage come from poison indeed but there is bleed too and i saw some way to get our pet dealing cold damage instead so it is maybe update proof ???


  • I still don’t know where this build can bring me (so i need feedback + modification will certainly come)
  • Poison will be nerfed at 0.9 realease
  • Mana issue

【Build Planner】


I need some backup if anyone want to try it so im welcoming discution about that build and im really curious as to what you guys could find to improve that :smiley:

Reserved post /!\

I edited the build now it use Herald of the scurry the squirels are absolutly monstruous ! i pass a Julra T4 with this build but im not gonna lie i did 3 try before doing it

You might want to take the Aspect of the Boar nodes to improve your tankiness since you’ll want to be in melee range and Aspect of the Shark (with Hunters of the Deep, Circle of Life, Dragon Slayer, Ocean Maw and Feeding Frenzy) will give your minions more attack speed, though this is additive to the Aspect of the Viper attack speed buff. The Shark buff would be roughly 42% more attack speed (122% v 82%) for your companions and ~122% more for the non-companion minions (72% v 32%).

While the poison shred is getting capped in 0.9, you still want as many stacks as possible for damage.

You mean removing the tnakiness for minion nodes like call of the pack and hawk wing for that ??

I through as such but i fear for the pet tankiness hmmm lets try going all in in damage then

It should be something like that.

Edit: I still didnt touch feline bond but in case we can remove it for savagery or rending maw trying to balance between damage and takiness

Well, that depends where you see most of your damage coming from. If you want them to do poison damage then you can remove some of the hit damage nodes, Hunter’s Emanation (55% increased minion damage isn’t much when you have ~930% odd in total) & Primal Medicine.

Just a thought.

Indeed Primal medecine isnt much but I through Hunter’s Emanation was an overall +55% for minion (for bleed and for poison as well as melee) since minion deal all 3 damage type i was thinking that it was great but it look like with the T6 affix on minion damage this node could be remove for better tankiness with aspect of the boar thats a nice idea here ! (i should precise without t6 affix this node is still a must have)

Edit: After some test yes it indeed improve so i updated the build :smiley:
I still decided to keep one point on hunter emanation for the passive to heal minion… idk i feel like loosing 10% dodge rating on minion for them to be heal every 3 sec feel better

Edit 2: Any through on a Herald of scurry build ??