Aspect of the shark (and aspects in general) need a complete overhaul

so i’m finally on my 8th character (6th to reach monoliths) and it is the Beastmaster.

i’m gunna keep it real with you, i played a beastmaster pretty heavily in the beta and remember it being… much better than it currently is.

look, i get that the idea of having this big long list of synergistic talents focused on one effect is a neat idea that really makes it feel like you’re building up to something, but i need you (the devs) to take a step back for a moment and look at aspect of the shark.
We only get (113?) points for our passive tree by the time we hit the level cap, we have to spend 20 just to get into our mastery tree, which means at most we get 93 to actually play with.

So why did you decide that aspect of the shark required 26 points BY ITSELF to max out?

why did you make it so pitifully weak that the only way to make it grant a viable boost to mine and my minions damage requires that i get all the way through is wacky subtree? you realize i can’t survive even the low level monoliths solo if i go aspect of the shark, and if i don’t, and instead prioritize the other half of the talents not related to it just to survive a hit, it now takes whole minutes to kill enemies that any other character will walk by and afk one shot at the same level?

i could also complain about how squishy my pets have been al throughout the leveling process and how the revive mechanic forces you to stand still for way to long in a game that is extremely punishing to people standing still for any amount of time for any reason at all, but that’s an issue shared by a few classes and builds and isn’t really the focus of this post.

Aspect of the boar should be 30% DR by default and not require 5 more points to make it noticable that every enemy didn’t one shot me for once.

Aspect of the lynx could have its entire tree merged into it’s initial 5 nodes and nobody would notice.

Aspect of the serpent took what should have been a 3 point passive and stretched it into 10.

the passive that grants endurance threshold and physical resistance should be compressed down to 5 points instead of 10, since the node right above it gives poison resist of the exact same amount AND poison chance on hit for both me and my pets for only 5 points.

PLEASE stop starving beastmasters for passive points and let me both survive AND be able to kill a basic mob in less than 10 hits.

I’ve lost all reason to play this character anymore without a dedicated runemaster support there to make me tanky so i can deal at least SOME damage. and i could barely even stomach getting past the first monolith with him…

I can’t tell what is meant to be taken seriously and what is hyperbole, but obviously your experience playing a BM is different from mine and that of others.

it’s not hyperbole that it takes 26 points to max aspect of the shark (and that’s with only taking a single point in the nodes that lead into aspect of the shark effects, and ignoring the health leech one that’s in the same tree)

at least by level 60, you’re options are do damage with aspect of the shark and get one shot by everything and it’s uncle, or have survivability with aspect of the boar and the endurance passives but deal no damage.

I don’t really play Beastmaster so I can’t comment much on what you’ve said but, quite unrelated, but I’ll just add it here regardless, feels like somewhat connected anyways:

Most of the older classes have up-to-8 passive point bonus (I know there’s nothing in Beastmaster tree) while newer ones usually have most of them just around 3-6. But yeah I kinda agree with you that some passive nodes for all classes are just way too stretched out.

And I feel like having “Aspect of the Boar” node in Beastmaster tree is pretty mandatory whether you’re a Druid or a Shaman, ofc I could be wrong here. So that’s usually 20 points spent on Beastmaster tree already, and probably 25 if you’re melee for the “Boar Heart”. But ofc, some builds can manage just fine with few points to play around with. This is just my experience with it when playing Druid Swarmblade build.

Totally unrelated:
Also to devs–Physical Swipe Werebear Druid buff, when? And I’m talking about 400+ corruption here. My Physical Swipe is doing only 2-3k crit there. big sad.

god help the melee in this game. those who can’t exploit infinite ward becomes characters who simply can’t.

I mean, Beastmaster is supposed to be tanky and they really need those passives and suits the class well, but what’s happening is that those passives feels mandatory for others (to me at least).

And with the changes of how stun avoidance works, I feel like being melee is much much worse than before. But I haven’t really played melee since 1.0 and I play on Legacy so my equipment are probably just “outdated” in a sense. I just don’t remember getting stunned so much pre 1.0.

Well you just built it weaker, they actually nerfed it this patch.

phys swipe cleaver solution werebear was insane as heck and still is. You go lowlife + berserker. getting tons of less damage taken and tons of more melee damage, you go phys and just swipe shit with your 25k resting ward, insane DR from berserker, boar, and primalist.

You do need some decentish gear, but nothing that makes it not worth it.

As for the topic at hand. I think you vastly underestimate aspect of the shark, and are either over investing when you dont need to, or dont realize how good it feels.

With all the effect nodes you get 120% inc effect of aspect of the shark, thats 22% melee attack speed, and 165% melee damage, if you take the stacking part, each stack becomes 9% attack speed, and 66% inc melee damage. But you get 10 stacks. Thats 90% increased attack speed and 660% inc melee damage. if we ignore the armor shred as a factor but just take 26 points,

660/26 = 25% melee damage per point of investment. and 90/26 = 3.5% melee attack speed per point.

So you essentially are complaining about spending 26 points at some of the best ratio of stat per point in the game imo.

if you dont invest heavily and just get the 7 initial points(1 point in armor shred), thats 75% melee damage and 10% inc attack speed with 100% uptime for 7 points, thats 11% melee damage and 1.5% melee speed give or take per point. You wouldnt take a passive that for 1 point said 11% melee damage and 1.5% attack speed? that shits juiced.

Maxing out shark, boar and the two core parts of aspect of the lynx, I still have 30 points to play with. You can spend those on leech, flat damage, companions etc. or get aspect of the viper nodes for another crazy cracked 50% inc attack speed.

Dont get me wrong, companions do suck kinda to keep alive. And beast master has a boring uninspired tree. But its def not weak. As far as melee juicy characters go, Beast master is one of the best feeling because you get so much attack speed, leech and damage and can just go ham on enemies.

They eventually will add thresholds to passives like what runemaster/falconer/warlock get. those will just naturally make beast master a little stronger.

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Low life is actually something I haven’t really invested in that much yet. I tried it way back like version 0.8 but there were no Cleaver Solution back then and the only way to sustain ward is to use Storm Crows with the “Silver Berries” node. Is it still the same on later version up to current version of the game?

My character was originally a Phys Swipe Werebear but it felt really lacking to I switched to Swarmblade. But I’ll give it another using Cleaver Solution. Thanks for the info.

Yeah werebear/druid/primalist in general can get tons of strength. which becomes int, which is ward retention. So you can use the new low life experimental gloves which at high exalted is pretty much a second exsang.

Then primalist has a node in the base primalist tree called berserker that gave you 100% more damage and 25% less damage taken while low life which would be always.

They nerfed cleaver solution to be harder to get high lp on slightly, and berserker node, but otherwise build should be the same. just one example

You dont need that much gear to start tho.