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Aspect of the lynx - Critical Bite

Do anyone know for sure if aspect of the lynx - Critical Bite works for your Minions or not? I got two answers of the chat ingame.

Will me pets leeche health on crit with it agaist mobs and bosses?

Critical Bite is an addition to the Aspect of the Lynx buff. Aspect of the Lynx is granted to both you & your companions so they should get the leech on crit from Critical Bite.

Ok thx, the text just say you and nothing about companions.
But i get what you saying, so i will try it out :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think all descriptive text that relates to leech uses “you” rather than the entity that’s doing the leeching (ie, your minions). There’s a unique that gives your minions % leech but the alt-text still says “you”.

Given the node says “Aspect of the Lynx also grants…”, anything that gets Aspect of the Lynx would also get the leech from Critical Bite.